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Commissioned by FourthSpace & Ombra Bar & Restaurant

Vyner St. E2 London 2018

The Altana is an installation that celebrates Ombra's venietian roots, architecture and aperitif.


Presiding over a corner of South Hackney, at Ombra by the Regents Canal, the Altana elevates the everyday life of meeting, talking, eating and drinking.


Launching as part of The London Festival of Architecture, and during the Venice Biennale, this simple structure will transplant the identity of Venice to East London.


The Altana has its roots in 15th Century Venice, as a simple rooftop terrace addition, often made from leftover scaffold or timber, that would capture the wind and the sun. Quickly, it surpassed the everyday tasks of drying laundry and became a transformational space where people would gather and relax.

Photo credit : Agnese Sanvito

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